A Parallel Universe with Life

by Susana Torres-Londono Over time, physicists have been working towards painting a clearer and more precise portrait of our universe. In their research, they have found the four “fundamental forces”. Up until recently, it was well established that our universe– at least life in our universe– would not be possible…

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In the Wake of Earthquakes

By Iris Yon. You’re not a California native unless you’ve constantly recited that the San Andreas faultline is overdue for a massive earthquake. And with major earthquakes climbing up from South America every week, now seems to be the time to take precautions seriously. In the span of two weeks, some…

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The Minimalist Cell

As scientists, we like to assign function to structure. With the human genome, however, this association becomes difficult. The human genome is 3 billion base pairs long, but only 1.5% of the genome actually codes for protein. Some unknown part of the noncoding 98.5% of the human genome is involved…

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