Our Staff

Ananya Krishnapura (MCB ’23)
Editor in Chief

Hi everyone! My name is Ananya, and I will be serving as Editor in Chief for the upcoming year. I am a senior pursuing a major in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Immunology & Pathogenesis. I joined BSJ in the fall semester of her freshman year, writing for the Interviews Department during my freshman year and serving as a co-editor of the department during my sophomore and junior years. Our members’ passion for science research and their commitment to exhibiting the highest standards of journalism are inspiring, and I am honored to have the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible organization. I look forward to the upcoming year!

Rebecca Park (MCB ’23)
Managing Editor

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I am the Managing Editor at BSJ this academic year. Given that the field of science is vast and inherently complex; I sought to engage in the art of accurate and effective science communication. Through BSJ, I have had the freedom to engage in various types of science communication and met some of the most inspirational figures in the scientific community as well!

Caroline Kim (Public Health ’24)
Finance and Publicity Chair

Hi y’all! My name’s Caroline and I’m a 3rd year majoring in Public Health and minoring in Data Science. I’ll be serving as one of the Publicity and Finance chairs this upcoming year, alongside my co-chair Shreya, having previously written features for the Interviews Department for the past two semesters. Outside of BSJ, you might find me working out at the gym, cooking tasty dinners, and unintentionally killing all of my house plants. I’m excited for what this new year will bring for BSJ and I can’t wait to meet new people who share a strong passion for scientific journalism!

Shreya Ramesh (BioE + Business ’24)
Finance and Publicity Chair

Hi! I’m Shreya (Bioengineering + Business ’24)! I’m one of the co-chairs along with Caroline for the Publicity and Finance department at BSJ this year, and I’m super excited to help plan events and fundraisers to help support our mission of science communication! Super excited to share my passion of science communication with other people!

Andrew Delaney (MCB ’25)
Interviews Editor

What’s up! My name is Andrew, and I am a second year intending on majoring in MCB with a concentration in biochemistry. I am a co-editor for the interview department, alongside Allisun, and I joined BSJ because I get to talk to professors about their ground-breaking research (I mean I get to do something that some people make a career out of). Also, I am from Chicago, however I have loved exploring the Bay area since coming here for college. In my free time you’ll probably see me playing chess, lifting weights, skydiving, or cooking. I always love to talk to new people and I can’t wait to see who BSJ will be able to interview this semester!

Allisun Wiltshire (MCB ’25)
Interviews Editor

My name is Allisun and I’m a senior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a concentration in genetics. I am an Interviews Department Editor with BSJ and have been involved for 1.5 years. I am so proud to be apart of a community that celebrates the beauty and creativity of Berkeley research and expertise.

Bryan Kim (Chemistry ’24)
Research and Blogs Editor

Bryan is a third-year studying Chemistry. You can learn more about him at bryanjskim.com!

Sinead de Cleir (MCB + Econ ’24)
Research and Blogs Editor

My name is Sinead and I’m one of the Research and Blog editors. I’m a Molecular & Cell Biology and Economics major. I love being a part of BSJ because I get inspired by everyone’s different passions and I’ve learned a lot about science communication and writing.

Eunice Tsang (MCB + MEB ’24)
Copy Editor
Daniel Cui (Engineering Physics ’23)
Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Daniel Cui, and I’m currently a senior majoring in engineering physics. In BSJ, I help run the copy department. When I’m not doing physics, I love reading nonfiction (specifically biographies), playing chess, and going on runs and hikes. I’m also a big foodie as well!

Anna Castello (MCB ’23) and Marley Ottman (Nuclear Eng ’23)
Features Editors

Hello hello, we are Anna and Marley! This semester for BSJ we are incredibly excited to be the editors for the features department. We both joined BSJ Spring 2021 and have always enjoyed talking over all the awesome articles and discoveries people write about for this journal. BSJ has definitely been a big source of inspiration and admiration for both of us. As a side note, in this photo, we are hiking toward Kearsarge Pass on the border between King’s Canyon and Inyo national forests.

Varun Upadhyay (Chemical Biology ’25)
Features Editor

Hi! My name is Varun and I’m currently a sophomore studying Chemical Biology. I’ve been with BSJ for about a year now, and have spent my time exploring and writing about some incredibly exciting topics in Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine! Outside of the Journal you can probably catch me going to the gym, taking naps by the Chem Plaza, or playing Super Smash Bros. I’m super excited to be one of the Feature Editors, and I’m looking forward to helping others grow their passion for scientific journalism!

Aarthi Muthukumar (MCB + Anthropology ’24)
Layout Editor