Fall 2013

Fall 2013

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Cancer Due to Prolonged Inflammation
Nithya Lingampalli

Carbon Nanotubes: Bearing Stress Like Never Before
Aditya Limaye

Earthquakes Induced by Stress
Harjit Singh

Effects of Cortisol on Physical and Psychological Aspects of the Body and Effective Ways by Which One Can Reduce Stress
Preethi Kandhalu

The Experimental Effects of Stress on Fertility
Jenna Koopman

Fracking: An Industry Under Pressure
Jo Melville

The Language of Science: What ideas do we stress?
Jahlela Hasle

Optimizing Stress
Abigail Chaver

The Potential for Abuse: Addiction
Ramandeep Dhillon

Poverty and Stress
Neel Jani

Spider Silk: Sronger than Steel? Nature’s Supermaterial
Alexander Powers

Building a Bridge for the Future with Professor Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl
Palla, Ali; Chowdhary, Kuntal; Wang, Jingyan; Hernandez, Joshua; Kraybill-Voth, Kaitlyn; Nakamura, Mariko et al.

An Afternoon with Professor George Bentley
Chowdhary, Kuntal; Chowdhary, Harshika; Gill, Manraj; Hari, Atiriya; Misra, Rhea; Evaristo, Jess et al.

A Discussion on an Integrative Society with Professor Amani Nuru-Jeter
Chowdhary, Kuntal; Hernandez, Joshua; Evaristo, Jessica; Wang, Jingyan; Palla, Ali; Chowdhary, Harshika et al.

An Interview with Professor Michael Shapira
Chowdhary, Kuntal; Gill, Manraj; Nakamura, Mariko; Kraybill-Voth, Kaitlyn; Hari, Atiriya; Palla, Ali

Managing the Weed-Shaped Hole: Improving Nitrogen Uptake and Preventing Re-invasion in Urban Riparian
Nathan Bickart

Evolution of the Phosphatase Gene Family Across Nematode Worms and Flies
Paulina Tsai, Sayres Wilson, Melissa A.

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