Fall 2016

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Editors’ Note

Features Articles:

Zika: The Formidable Speed of Viral Spread – Verghese, Michelle

The Future of Bacteria Cleaning Our Plastic Waste – Chan, Allison

The Future of Medicine: 3D-Printed Organs – Peng, Julia

From One Life to Another – The Stress That Defies Time – Padayachee, Leandra

Altered Perceptions: How Various Substances Influence Our Perception of Time – Abdelshafy, Aaya

Antibiotics: From Modern Medicine to Global Risk – Zhang, Yizhen

The Mechanics of Timekeeping – Liu Katherine

Intelligence Over Time: Intelligence in Corvids and Apes – Sanko, Katie

Frozen in Time – Tran, Phuong

Food Insecurity and Global Warming: A Time-Sensitive Issue – Sales, Naomi

Looking into the Past – Jang, Moonsuk

The Fresh New Future of Preservatives  – Nguyen, Diana

Aging and Immortality – Jiao, Daniel


Liu, Jiarui; Luo, Yu; Petri, Yana; Sangteerasintop, Sasinan; Wong, Jordan; Woo, Soohan; Zhu, Laura

Bailey, Catrin; Petri, Yana; Slobodyanyuk, Elena; Wong, Jordan; Zhao, Tianshu; Yoon, Daniel

Bailey, Catrin; Yoon, Daniel; Wong, Jordan; Sangteerasintop, Sasinan; Luo, Yu; Zhu, Lauren; Bais, Vidyun; Kirn, Georgia

Research Publications

Tokumaru, William; Talukdar, Ishan; Haeffner, Harmut
Challa, Akshara Sree; Challa, Jnana Aditya