Past Issues

Spring 2014


Fall 2013


Spring 2013

Death and Dying

Fall 2012

Science of Color

Spring 2012

Save and Destroy

Fall 2011

The Science of Food

Spring 2011

Serendipity in Science

Fall 2010

Infectious Diseases

Spring 2010


Fall 2009

Technology and Human Interactions

Fall 2009

The Science of Emotion and Thought

Spring 2009

Science Fiction

Fall 2008

Consciousness and the Mind

Spring 2008

Science and War

Fall 2005

Special Report on nutrition and health. Explore delicious topics such as sushi, chocolate, and the Mediterranean diet. Featured interviews with Dr. David Presti and Dr. Patricia Crawford.

Spring 2005

Special Report on the science of art: the Mozart Effect, the mathematics of beauty, and computer graphics animation. Includes book reviews and more. Featured interviews with Dr. Carole Hickman and Dr. Ken Goldberg.

Fall 2004

Special Report on space exploration, from the history of NASA’s Hubble Telescope to the possibilities of interspace travel. What problems are associated with living in space? Also includes book reviews and more.

Spring 2004

Special Report on forensic science. Includes reviews of the history of fingerprinting technology, to computer data decryption, to dental identification. Featured interview is Eric Stover, director of the Human Rights Center and forensic investigator of global human rights abuses.

Fall 2003

The Fall 2003 issue, titled Energy & Environment focuses on some of the very relevant and critical issues regarding energy sources and environmental impact. It also includes a wide array of undergraduate research papers and a feature interview with Louise Fortmann, Chair of the Division of Society and Environment.

Spring 2003

Special Report on medical engineering, from micromachines to bioethics. Features an interview with Professor Luke Lee, instructor and bioMEMs researcher in the department of Bioengineering.

Fall 2002

Special Report on the effects of scientific progress on the ways of offensive and defensive war technology, cyberterrorism and more.

Spring 2002

Special Report on Neuroscience, also featuring an interview with Philosophy Professor John Searle.

Fall 2001

Special Report on Astrobiology. Features interviews with Dan Werthimer, Chief Scientist on the SETI@Home project, and Jere Lipps, Professor of Integrative Biology and Paleoecology.

Spring 2001

Special Report on Government Policy in Science, also featuring an interview with Howard K. Schachman, Graduate School Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Fall 2000

Special Report on Biotechnology. Features interviews with Robert Tjian, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and Ed Penhoet, Dean of the School of Public Health.

Spring 2000

Special Report on Aging. Features interviews with Professors Paola Timiras and Bruce Ames of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, who conduct research on different aspects of the aging process.

Fall 1999

Professor Malcolm Potts (Public Health), tells Berkeley Scientific about how he became active in family planning. Starting out as a young British obstetrician, Potts went on to become one of the most active figures in family planning, the abortion controversy, and HIV/AIDS care.

Professor Raymond Stevens left UC Berkeley’s Department of Chemistry in the summer of 1999 to focus on his research at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. He taught Chem130A: Biophysical Chemistry, an upper division MCB course. He shares with Berkeley Scientific his experience here at Cal, his research on structural neurobiology, his plans for the future, and his opinions about the university and the scientific community.

Spring 1999

Features interviews with Professor Alexander Pines (Chemistry) and Professor Warren Winkelstein (Publlic Health).

Fall 1998

Features interviews with Professor Alex Filippenko (Astronomy), Professor Caroline Bertozzi (Chemistry), and Professor Peter Duesberg (MCB).

Spring 1998

Features an inteview with Dr. Mina Bissell (Life Sciences, LBL)

Spring 1997

The journal that won Berkeley Scientific the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Medal Award for outstanding publications. Features interviews with Dr. Lotfi Zadeh (Computer Science), Dr. Shoshana Colman (UCB Sociology & UCSF), and Dr. Jeffrey H. Burack (UCB Public Health, UCSF Primary Care).

Spring 1996

Berkeley Scientific’s debut issue, featuring an interview with the late Chemistry legend, Glenn T. Seaborg, is unfortunately no longer available for purchase. A copy may be found at select on-campus libraries.