Spring 2014

Spring 2014



Synthetics (Cover)
Bowen, Alexis; Chau, Spring

Table of Contents
Zhang, Lucy; Chau, Spring

Applications of Magnetoelectric Materials for Solid-State Devices
Gururangan, Karthik

DNA: Building Blocks of Nanotechnology
Powers, Alexander

Fabricating Nano-Scale Devices: Block Copolymers and their Applications
Limaye, Aditya

Bright Ideas in Solar Energy
Melville, Jo

Total Heart Transplant: A Modern Overview
Lingampalli, Nithya

Manufactured Memories
Robbins, Jessica

Lab on a Microchip and Microfluidic Technologies: Toxology and Drug Development
Heslin, Ann

An Interview with Professor Jan Rabaey: Neural Prosthetics and Their Future Applications
Chowdhary, Kuntal; Wang, Jingyan; Patel, Saavan; Koti, Shruti

Copper Catalyzed Oceanic Methyl Halide Production
Robin Kim, Jae Yun; Rhew, Robert

Phylogenetic Diversity and Endemism: Metrics for Identifying Critical Regions of Conifer Conservation in Australia
Lee, Annasophie C.; Mishler, Brent