Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Cover – Waste
Li, Cheng; Wu, Jingting

Table of Contents
Li, Cheng; Wu, Jingting

Dangers of Space Debris
Peng, Botao

Life in the Milky Way: A Galactic Garbage Can
Pettingell, James

Eating Disorders: Body Wasting Away
Shao, Shirley

Something for Nothing: Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells
Gururangan, Karthik

Junk DNA
Jani, Neel

Data Fragmentation
Balabhadra, Nisha

Tiny but Toxic: How Industrial Waste Infiltrates the Body
Lew, Rachel

Nuclear Waste: Forever Contaminated?
Wang, Andrew

Telomeres Hold the Key to Understanding Aging and Cancer
Koti, Shruti

A Joint Interview with Professor Joonhong Ahn and Professor Cathryn Carson on Nuclear Waste Management: a Technical and Social Problem
Chowdhary, Harshika; Gill, Manraj; Kim, Juwon; McGuinness, Philippa; Miller, Daniel; Nuckolls, Kevin

An Interview with Professor Alexandra von Meier on an Efficient Electric Grid: Improving Visibility and Integrating Renewable Sources
Chowdhary, Harshika; Gill, Manraj; McGuinness, Philippa; Miller, Daniel; Patel, Saavan

An Afternoon with Professor Hermanowicz: Exploring Sustainability and Water Filtration
Castro, Luis; Chowdhary, Harshika; Gill, Manraj; Kim, Juwon; McGuinness, Phillipa; Nuckolls, Kevin et al.

Transpiration Effects and Inquilines in a Lepidopteran Stem Gall
Cope, Olivia